Best of 2017: Nordic Design’s Top Stylish Nooks

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This is the sixth roundup of my “Best of 2017” series.  I browsed through the 200+ articles shared with you in 2017 and drilled down the most read, liked and shared content.

I’ve gathered the most cozy reading corners and stylish nooks featured on the blog last year, all worth remembering and pinning for future reference. You can click on the title or on the image to view the full post.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Which one is your favourite?


1. A Perfectly Styled 40-Square-Meter Stockholm Apartment in a Warm, Neutral Palette


2. My kind of château: A stylish 300-year-old Residence in Champagne


3. Inside the Perfectly Styled Home of Norwegian Interior Designer and Blogger Elisabeth Heier


4. An Inspiring Interior in Natural Tones in Los Angeles


5. A Beautiful 1920s Family Home with Lots of Scandinavian Designs


6. A Stylish 39-Square-Meter Apartment in Stockholm


7. The Lovely Home of Swedish Stylist Elin Odnegard


8. A Peek Into a Renovated Brownstone with an Effortless Eclectic Style Captured by Nicole Franzen


9. The Luxurious Home of Swedish Influencer Petra Tungarden


10. Interior Inspiration by Liljencrantz Design


11. A Stylish Stockholm Apartment with a Fab Inner Court


12. Tour the Elegant and Contemporary Home of Swedish Actor Andreas Wilson


If you’d like to see more, check out the inspiration gallery or see my previous yearly roundups.


Photo at the top: Elisabeth Heier







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