Tour the Elegant and Contemporary Home of Swedish Actor Andreas Wilson

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This is the carefully curated family home of Swedish actor Andreas Wilson.

What I first noticed was the harmonious and simple color palette; it creates a serene atmopshere that I am really drawn to. And if you’ve seen my kitchen reveal recently, you’ll surely understand why I am a big fan of the green cabinets shown here (or is it dark grey…? Anyway, it is gorgeous!). It works beautifully with the soft grey walls and the warm oak floor.

The overall look is elegant and contemporary, with a great mix of vintage and new design pieces. There are also several strong lines and contrasting black elements, such as the Serge Mouille pendant lamp, the steel-framed glass partition wall, the dining chairs’ leather, the artwork, etc.

Notice how the TV is integrated into the gallery wall – A great idea, well executed.

In the bedroom, a beautiful smoky blue hue was used all over – walls, ceiling and closets – which looks so soothing and cocoon-like. A lovely visual effect!




Here are a few items to get the look:



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Styling: Alexandra Ogonowski

Photos: Erik Lefvander for Residence

This story was originally published in 2018. It has since been updated and republished by Catherine Lazure-Guinard. 







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  1. vicki
    22 Oct 2019 / 12:23

    What a wonderful apartment. The steel walls and gray paint color won me over immediately, but as a whole, it works beautifully!

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