Interior Inspiration by Swedish Studio Liljencrantz Design

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Let’s kick off the week with some great inspiration from Liljencrantz Design. The Stockholm-based studio has a beautiful portfolio of residential and commercial interiors, all with a minimalist style, a warm mix of tactile surfaces, and a serene quality. Elegant furniture and homewares have been picked to decorate these impeccable spaces.

Below you’ll find a sample of Liljencrantz Design’s impressive work.














For more inspiring Scandinavian interiors, have a look at my image gallery.


Photos: Liljencrantz Design





  1. Mary
    15 Feb 2017 / 20:47

    Penthouse S Westkaai Antwerp 2015 by Hans Verstuyft. Kitchen is looking very similar..

  2. Anna
    16 Feb 2017 / 20:11

    Who is the artist who did the black and white print in the last photo, stunning!

  3. Regina Wong
    26 Jun 2017 / 11:29

    Where and how to get the COFFEE TABLE that show in the picture of white sofa with white and black picture?

    • Regina
      23 Jan 2018 / 13:29

      It’s Paolo Piva Alanda table

  4. Thorsten
    13 Sep 2017 / 16:12

    I love the kitchen, so warm and beautiful.
    Who can tell me more about its designer?
    Thanks thorsten

  5. Leslie
    26 Sep 2017 / 14:49

    The kitchen is beautiful. Does anyone know what wood has been used?

  6. Hope chavez
    5 Sep 2018 / 22:10

    Love the kitchen cabinets! Was hoping to find out the manufacturer. I have a sinking feeling it was one of a kind. Stunning!

  7. Sierra
    16 Oct 2018 / 16:15

    Where is the white sofa in the last picture from?

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