A Stylish 39-Square-Meter Apartment in Stockholm

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A 39-square-meter flat might be small, but it can be just enough! The flat below is a great example. Located in Stockholm, it makes a perfect pied-à-terre in the city. With its contemporary colour palette and tasteful furnishings, this urban abode is stylish and inspiring. It is cozy with a serene quality.

We like the black wall plinths, deep window casings, taps and faucets, giving the place an industrial touch. Notice the cool light switches – They are probably from Buster & Punch. We’re also loving that shade of blue in the bedroom; it offers a great contrast with the light wooden floors, while defining the space. And even if they seem to be everywhere lately, we just can’t get enough of such steel-framed glass doors! Simply beautiful.


Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-01 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-02 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-03 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-09 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-04Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-08 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-05Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-10 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-11 Stylish-39-sqm-Apartment-Stockholm-Nordicdesign-07


Photos: ESNY



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