An Inspiring Interior in Natural Tones in Los Angeles

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If you don’t own a copy of the Kinfolk home book yet, you should definitely do so! Featuring many gorgeous interiors “for slow living” from around the world, it is very inspiring. One that I particularly like is this fab mid-century modern house located in Los Angeles. It was captured by talented Swedish photographer Pia Ulin.

Notice the height of the ceiling and numerous windows – It’s no surprise that natural light floods the place! The decor is natural and warm, with an earthy palette of colours, soft textures and an ethnic touch. African baskets and vintage Turkish rugs mingle with design icons like a Flag Halyard chair by Dane Hans J. Wegner. The interior definitely has a cool, bohemian vibe. It’s an easy and comfortable space.

Beautiful, right?


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Photos: Pia Ulin for Kinfolk


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