A Peek Into a Renovated Brownstone with an Effortless Eclectic Style Captured by Nicole Franzen

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The word photography comes from Greek and means ‘to write with light’ – And it is exactly what Nicole Franzen does so well.

The Brooklyn-based photographer has this ability to capture a destination, a meal and especially an interior in such a beautiful way. Her signature style is clean and simple, with crisp details. It’s no surprise that her list of clients is impressive; Design Hotels, Conde Nast Traveler, Kinfolk Magazine, TRNK, and Absolut, are among them.

I recently came across her stunning portfolio, and I was in awe of all the amazing places and spaces she skillfully captured. The gorgeous home below is one of them; a renovated brownstone with lots of art, and an effortless eclectic style of old and new. I love the gallery wall – Notice how Frama’s 9.5° chair and the plinth with the ceramic bust were cleverly positioned to be a part of the overall design. Very nice!



Want to see more? Check out her beauty-filled Instagram account.


Photos: Nicole Franzen, with thanks


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  1. Amber
    14 Aug 2021 / 13:25

    Does anyone know the name of the designer of the vintage chair? Absolutely love it!!

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