A Perfectly Styled 40-Square-Meter Stockholm Apartment in a Warm, Neutral Palette

, , , , , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

This 40-square-meter apartment place is truly beautiful.

I am a huge fan of such natural, monochrome palette, warmed up by wooden furniture, brass accessories and sand colour details. A few black touches provide just the right amount of contrast to the classic white and grey base.

The flat also has many gorgeous elements, such as the high ceilings, large windows, lovely mouldings, built-in shelves, recessed windows, and great caramel-toned hardwood floor.

Finally, it surely helps that the furnishing is oh so on point; I’ll have everything, please!

Such a perfect, serene little cocoon.





Styling: Josefin Hååg
Photos: Fantastic Frank





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