The Editor

Catherine Lazure-Guinard is the founder and editor of Her passion for Scandinavia was born studying in Denmark 15 years ago. She discovered with great admiration the Nordic lifestyle, designs and cultures. And just like that, a semester abroad turned into a decade of living in Europe.

She is now based out of her home near Montreal from where she shares her finds and inspiration, driven by her passion for the pure aesthetics of the North.

Besides running Nordic Design, Catherine advises brands on strategic management, positioning, content creation, PR campaigns and social medias. She has over 10 years of experience as a multichannel marketing and communication consultant for international companies.

Catherine also offers Interior Consulting services.


The Blog

Nordic Design was created in 2010 to be used as a personal design reference, and it quickly became a go-to source of information for people around the world. It is now a leading, award-wining blog dedicated to Scandinavian-inspired design and interiors.

Updated regularly, Nordic Design presents a curated selection of innovative products, beautiful home tours, travel tips, shopping destinations, interviews, styling inspiration and decorating ideas.

Catherine Lazure-Guinard created Nordic Design out of a love for the simplicity and timeless appeal of Scandinavian design. She is a strong believer in buying less and better, and that we should only surround ourselves with beautiful objects that we truly love; well-designed, functional and quality products, with a respect for craftsmanship and materials. Her goal is to create a meaningful home that is elegant yet cosy, personal and characterful. You’ll find Catherine’s inspiration for her everyday life on Nordic Design.

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With Nordic Design, our goal is to celebrate amazing design, to share the love, and to inspire people from around the world. We also with to use our online reach to give a hand to designers, artists, entrepreneurs and brands to promote their amazing work and products.

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