10 Favorite Farrow & Ball Paint Colors As Seen In Scandinavian Interiors + The Best Alternatives

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If you are a tiny bit interested in home decor, interior design and renovations, you've definitely come across the name Farrow & Ball. And if you've got attuned eyes, you might even recognize at a glance some of their most famous colors.

Founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball in England, the high-end paint company is beloved by designers around the world. It prides itself on using the finest ingredients and traditional methods. Compared to paint you could by at the local hardware store, Farrow & Ball's products contain less binding agents, less water and more pigments, which means the depth of color is quite impressive. It is a fantastic choice for rich-hued rooms, and especially if you like a matte finish or appreciate a subtle transformation under different light conditions. Some even say a lick of Farrow & Ball paint and it instantly makes a space look more expensive, but you'd kind of hope so considering the price tag... Indeed, a gallon (4 L) of Farrow & Ball paint will cost you $115, about two to three times more than an alternative product.

Is it worth it? A designer will tell you it is the best choice. Sure, it will be stunning, but most of us cannot afford the splurge and/or wrap our head around spending that much money for paint. What we can all do, however, is indulge in the tremendous inspiration the company offers. The website is filled with gorgeous images of their colors in situ - Have a look!

This is starting to feel like a sponsored post, but I assure you it is not. I absolutely love their products, but I am more the type of person who tries to match paint chips to what is more accessible out there. I recently painted my entryway in what is the closest I could find to Mole's Breath by Farrow & Ball - I am SO happy with it! It might not be as rich or deep as the real deal, but I could get new sconces and an area rug, and still be withing budget.

I wanted to show you beautiful rooms dressed up in some of my favorite colors* from the high-end English paint company, and to give you alternatives to get a very similar look in brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr and others.

So whether you can splurge or not, you've got options to paint your home in a Pinterest-worthy muted hue.

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