The Dark and Cocoon-like Home of Stylist Lotta Agaton

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I’m a huge fan of Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton, but it has been a while I came across some of her work. So today, when I saw these pictures, I was pretty excited: Not only do they show her fantastic signature style, but they are from a reportage of her own home!

Featured in this month’s issue of Residence Magazine, her place is unsurprisingly amazing. Bold and daring (would you go for that look?), she created a beautiful dark, moody and cocoon-like interior. It is very different than her previous home we’ve featured before, which was all white and bright.

Lotta definitely has a knack for displaying accessories and decorative accents in a relaxed, casual and virtually nonchalant way. Her home is cozy and elegant, and the look is personal, unique and flawless.



The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-01 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-02 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-03 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-04 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-05 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-06 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-08 The-Dark-and-Cocoon-like-Home-of-Stylist-Lotta-Agaton-09


See more pictures of Lotta’s home in her gorgeous portfolio.

If you like this type of interior, have a look at this place!


Photos: Pia Ulin for Residence Magazine


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