Six Interiors, One Color Palette

, , , , , , , By Catherine

The words "earthy palette" and "natural colors" have been used countless times on Nordic Design to describe interiors featured on the website.

These homes are located in Scandinavia where 'bringing the outdoors in' goes beyond introducing fresh cuttings from the garden or a budding branch in a vase into your décor - Nature is, most often then not, at the center of design schemes. An array of white, beige, brown, black and the now popular olive tone, make for a gorgeous, warm and soothing palette inspired by Mother Nature that is widely used.

Here, I am showing you six interiors that all feature (pretty much) the same color palette - The main difference is the proportion allocated to each hue. I wanted you to see how you can easily change your decor just by swapping blond wood for walnut, for instance, or by bringing more -or less- of the same color. Below I am sharing a few tips for choosing your colors but first, let's take a look at these:

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