Serene And Stylish Interior Inspiration From Danish Brand New Works

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Here is another beautiful space in Copenhagen that visitors of 3daysofdesign had a chance to experience: New Works‘ showroom reinterpreted by long-time collaborator Lotta Agaton Interiors.

Named the ‘Terra: A Residence For Gorunding’, the place is styled with furniture, lighting and objects from the Danish brand, in a home-like setting. It was created to enable both escape and connection, and to “communicate a lifestyle that harmoniously connects people, objects and the environment.”

The interior presents a soft and muted palette of nature-inspired hues like olive, grey, and beige, which is warmed up beautifully by natural textures such as oak, wool, and rippled glass. The look is harmonious, contemporary and, most of all, enveloping, to be a perfect prelude to the months ahead.


“From the depths of the forest to the open expanses of the seaside, Terra encapsulates emotions of both safety and freedom in spaces that provide the base for our lives. (…) Within a year that has been anything but normal, creating environments in which to rejuvenate and re-evaluate has never been more important. Spaces that enable both escape and connection – that provide solace yet socially stimulate. What has become most evident is the value that human interactions and our natural landscapes play within our daily lives. It is with these connections and relationships in mind that Terra was created.” – New Works

You can take a peek at how the showroom looked like before here.

Styling: Lotta Agaton Interiors
Art direction: Knut Bendik Humlevik
Photos: Brian Buchard


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