Tour A Homey And Characterful Residence By Pernille Lind

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I’ve got a beautiful, characterful home for you today!

Acclaimed Danish-born interior designer Pernille Lind in behind the renovations of this 5-bedroom ‘Colonial revival’ house built in 1920, nestled within the historical Frank Lloyd Wright district, of Oak Park, Chicago Illinois.

Lind has lived in Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Thailand, and she is now based in West London in the UK. Her diverse heritage and upbringing are reflected in her aesthetics and contribute to her distinctive style. She is behind this gorgeous Copenhagen townhouse and Hotel Sanders‘s eclectic interior.

For her first stateside project, she created an interior that is luxurious yet unassuming and approachable. A pale color scheme, brass details, walnut woods, ecru, and a skillful mix of mid-century modern and Scandinavian furniture with Art-Deco accents, vintage artwork, and other interesting details like arches and geometric patterns.

I am loving the hint of history and nostalgia in this home, and its unique look. A contemporary design with classic elegance and a homey, warm, and relaxing look.

Enjoy the tour!

“The initial brief from the client was to create a European inspired home with a calm palette of colors and materials”, explains Pernille Lind. “As they had lived many years in London and had traveled extensively around the world, their taste had been influenced by these experiences. With the house already having many English and European characteristics, it was natural to extend this style further through the furnishings and interior details. When it came to the final styling and personal touches, we looked to Chicago’s plentiful design stores and antique shops, as well as venturing out into the greater Michigan area to find even more wonderful pieces.”

For more beautiful projects by Pernille Lind Studio, have a look at her portfolio.

Photos: John & Maura Stoffer



  1. 7 Jul 2020 / 00:12

    Hey Pernille Lind,
    What should I say ? I am not a professional photographer but Involved in a Photography Studio to make myself better at it . Thanks and waiting for next tips .

  2. Neil
    25 Nov 2020 / 17:42

    I hate to be “that guy” but I dont think you mean homely ;)

    • Catherine
      30 Nov 2020 / 09:45

      Hi Neil! Not at all, thanks for pointing it out!I am not a native English speaker and sometimes things might get lost in translation. I want to express that the home looks comfortable, inviting, cozy… I see now from Merriam-Webster that “homely” is indeed not what I intended… I’ll change it to “homey”, it might be more suitable :)

  3. Anna P Lessman
    21 Feb 2021 / 17:19

    Such a dream home! I’m going to start looking for a ‘Colonial revival’ house in oak park!

    • Catherine
      8 Mar 2021 / 14:00

      So many ideas to steal! I’m loving this place too.

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