Lille Petra Café by &Tradition

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Located in the heart of Copenhagen, you’ll find Lille Petra café – A homey café-meets-showroom by Danish design brand &Tradition. It is a beautiful place to visit to enjoy a latte in a comfy shearling lounge chair or sofa, next to Jaime Hayón’s Formakami lamps, tables by Norm Architects, and other timeless designs.

The interior is decidedly Scandinavian, with wooden floorboards and a light, earthy and muted palette. Occasional touches of blue and pink punctuate the space and add interest. It is inviting, warm and cozy, and oh so stylish.

The café also has a lush courtyard covered in plants, fruits and vegetables.

The menu is developed in co-operation with foodlab .506, a culinary lab that aims to create new sustainable food habits. There you’ll get to try revisited versions of the traditional Smørrebrød, Danish open-faced sandwiches, as well as a variety of breakfast options and snacks.


Little Petra café
Kronprinsessegade 4,
1306 København, Denmark

“All our products are sourced from ethical growers that practice methods encouraging healthy soils and biodiversity. Our herbs are either grown in our own organic courtyard – next to our tomatoes – or delivered on bike, by our good friends from Nabo Farm. (…) A desire to serve food whilst demonstrating respect. Respect for local traditions. Respect for the environment. And respect for our well being.” – Little Petra

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Photos: &Tradition


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