The Perfect Pink for Yvonne Koné’s Flagship Store in Copenhagen

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Yvonne Koné – The name surely rings a bell. She has been featured on the site multiple times for an interview, a tour of her home and shop, as well as for her beautiful items forever and always on my wish list(s). She is a Danish fashion accessories designer best known for her leather shoes and handbags with a simple, timeless appeal, all handmade in Italy.

The flagship store on Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen always evolves and transforms; Yvonne likes to change things up regularly. We’ve seen it pink, blue, yellow, and now it is back to pink!

The search for a new color started in August last year in Tuscany, where Yvonne’s artisans are located. After several attempts, trials and errors, they found the perfect pink. It is “welcoming, light and feminine, and (…) complement our collections beautifully, just like a neutral.” – Yvonne Koné



Yvonne worked in close collaboration with Danish brand St. Leo (@stleointeriors) to create an eco-friendly plaster paint made from dolomite mineral powder, with a delicate granular structure. And the good news is: You can also paint your home in this gorgeous shade! As I am writing these lines, not much info is provided on St.Leo’s website, as it is a fairly new company. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. In the meantime, enjoy the tour of Yvonne’s shop!

I really like the final result. It is fresh and joyful, while still refined and composed.



Visit Yvonne Koné next time you are in Copenhagen:

Yvonne Koné
Store Strandstræde 3
1255 Copenhagen K
+45 3220 4400


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Photos: Line Thit Klein 



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