The Yvonne Koné Shop in Copenhagen Got a Makeover

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The Yvonne Koné shop on Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen just got a makeover. We’ve seen it pink and in a greyish blue, and now the walls are covered in a deep and rich cream color;  A warm and neutral tones that provides a fantastic background for Yvonne’s collection.

The interior, designed by Olivier Gustav, reflects very well Yvonne’s sophistication and beautiful simplicity.

Her bags, shoes and other fashion accessories are all handmade in Italy by talented artisans. The brand is praised for its effortlessly chic style, and its quality products that reflect true craftsmanship. In fact, Yvonne recently won an ELLE Style Award as Accessory Brand of the year.

Visit her shop next time you are in Copenhagen!

Yvonne Koné
Store Strandstræde 3
1255 Copenhagen K
+45 3220 4400


Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-09Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-03Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-04Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-06Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-07Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-08Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-10 Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-01Yvonne-Kone-Copenhagen-Shop-Makeover-NordicDesign-02


If you’re curious about the woman behind the brand, check out this Q&A we’ve had with the designer. You can also take a peek at her lovely home here.


Photos: Line Klein




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