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I was very inspired by the bright, warm and serene home of Holly Marder, founder of Avenue Design Studio. It is warm, eclectic, refined yet understated… There is a lot to love about this place! You can see all pictures here.

Here, I am showing you how to get a similar look at home.

The Inspiration:

The Palette:

Get The Look:


1. Rice paper lampshade from Hay

2. Large glass jar vase

3. Linen curtains – For North America, I recommend Rough Linen, West Elm or C2B. If you are shopping from Europe, By Mölle and Linen Me are great. Hale Mercantile Co. is my go-to choice if you are in the Oceania region. Ikea has an affordable option, too.

4. Pillow cover – Ferm Living is also coming up with a very similar design, see it here.

5. Söderhamn sofa from Ikea – You can get a linen slipcover from Bemz.

6. Minimal artwork – Insiders get 20% off when using the code NORDIC20 at The Poster Club. See restrictions here.

7. Jute Rug – Several models available at Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Lulu and Georgia, West Elm, Miss Amara and other large retailers.

8. Marble coffee table – The most important here is the stone texture and pattern, which add depth and interest – Not the table’s shape. If you can’t find a pedestal design as seen in this home, Menu’s Marble Plint is a nice option. Gubi’s white travertine Epic coffee table is a great choice, too. Or keep your eyes open at flea markets or vintage shops for a fab find.

9. Cane lounge chair from HM Home – You might find a great vintage one, too.

10. In Between SK5 dining table from &Tradition

11. Book ‘Hans J. Wegner: Just One Good Chair‘, Hatje Cantz (2014) – Notice how the red design element from the book cover is hidden under a small ceramic tray. Simple styling tricks like that help to make the color palette more cohesive.

12. Ceramics – You’ll find nice options on Etsy (search for ‘Japanese ceramic’ or ‘earthenware’), or have a look at my article ‘20 Female Ceramists from Scandinavia‘.

13. Vintage teak tea trolley – See my favorite places to shop for vintage furniture here.

14. Cyclades vase from Menu

15. Parentesi lamp by Flos

16. Print from Johannes Gepert

17. Moller #77 dining chair from Mølller

18. Tikkas shelf from Verso Design – The model used in this home is from Ask og Eng, who also created the custom kitchen

19. Strøm bowl from Raawii

20. IC pendant in brass from Flos

21. J77 dining chair from Hay

22. Cane and bentwood chair from Thonet, vintage

23. Artwork with relief from Kristina Krogh

24. Broom and dustpan from Iris Hantverk

25. Hand soap, Aesop

26. Bond shelf from Fogia – The model shown in the home is possibly by Ask og Eng. Here, a vintage teak cabinet would look great too, as well as a modular String shelf system.

27. Icha bar stool from Massproductions

For a similar wall paint, try Wevet or Strong White by Farrow & Ball.

Styling Notes:

Notice the restrained palette of colors and materials – This provides strict but clear guidelines when deciding what to add or remove in the interior. It’s then easier to layer textures, and to effortlessly combine furniture and decorative accents.

The key to making such limited palette work is to go all-in for textures. Take a look again at the interior and pay attention to the numerous tactile elements: Cane, paper cord, jute, linen, paper, wood, stone, etc.

Make sure to check out the article how to mix wood like a pro, to skillfully layer warm tones and vintage furniture, like in this interior.

When using patterns, colors or finishes, a good rule of thumb is to have something similar on the other side of the room to balance things out. These recurring elements, like common threads, make the look visually pleasing, cohesive and considered. Here are a few examples of how this principle was used in the home:

  • The checkered cushions echo the tiles on the fireplace
  • Each zone in this open space living area has a hint of brass – There is a frame in the living room, a pendant light in the dining room, and wall-mounted rods in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen’s countertop is white marble and another flat surface in the same stone was introduced in the living room.
  • All artificial light sources are (mostly) white and with a bulbous/round shape, from the pendants in the living room and dining room to the kitchen sconces and Parentesi ceiling lamp.
  • A woven basket was added in the kitchen; a texture that is also present in the living area.

The Checklist:

Click here for a printable version of this list.

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Photos: Avenue Design Studio


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