By Nord

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

A first glance at Danish brand by Nord will convince you that the label lives up to its slogan “Where design meets nature”.

Indeed, the inspiration from Nordic nature is very clear in by nord’s product range: Wool blankets and scarfs, wood trays, glass lanterns, leather poufs and storage box, bed linen with digital prints of animals, and much more.

“We are inspired by the diversity of the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature, where the rough and gentle meet. Even amongst crumbled trees, rocks and frozen lakes life and sudden beauty thrives and thus force you to relate to nature. At by nord we believe in sustainable design, where beauty and functionality are supported by extended use of organic materials and accountability in production. This is your guarantee for unique design products, which respect the nature that surrounds us.” – by nord

Hanne Berzant is the co-founder and designer of by nord. She studied graphic design and has many years of experience working as Art Director for leading Lifestyle magazines. She cultivates a passion for design and home decoration, which has enabled her to create unique products.

Timeless accessories and high quality are the rule of thumb at by nord. Simplicity, functionality and skilled manufacturing are the characteristics of Danish design, and this brand makes no exception.

Photos: By Nord