A Harmonious Look and Feel for This Swedish Entrepreneur’s Dream Home

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Martin Nygren had a clear vision for his dream home from the get-go, inspired by places he loved around the world as well as by his previous residences. He took “the best of them all” and created his perfect haven in Skåne, in south of Sweden.

Surrounded by forests, the house of the entrepreneur (he runs a cafe and a restaurant in Kristianstad) has a minimal and pared down black exterior. On the inside, you’ll find a carefully planned and cohesive look throughout, with a simple yet strong color palette. Leather, stone, wood… Martin layered textures and natural materials to make the spacious floor plan feel cozy, warm and characterful.



The kitchen is at the center of the house and, with its mint color cabinet fronts, it adds personality to the space.



The same green tint as in the kitchen’s fronts was used in the bathroom, to enhance the homogeneous look of the place. Interesting detail: Two large round mirrors, off-centered, and only one with a frame.



Martin’s home was beautifully photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt – He is truly skilled at capturing the mood of a space.



With a little research on Google, I found the architect’s plan for this building (below)! I like to see such drawing. It helps understand the structure, room distribution, as well as key guidelines that influenced the design, which are not always apparent/obvious when looking at pictures of a space. For instance, you’ll notice the symmetry in Martin’s home.



For more beautiful Scandinavian interiors, have a look at my image gallery.


Photos: Jonas Ingerstedt for Elle Decoration



  1. Potter hamada
    19 May 2019 / 22:03

    Thank you soooo much for providing the interior plan. Yes, it truly does help understanding the layout. Good job!

  2. Willi
    20 May 2019 / 16:51

    This is a beautiful interior! But most of the plants in these pictures aren’t even anywhere near a window—why don’t they die? Are they artificial? The big one in the living room and the two in the kitchen are particularly pretty!

    • 20 May 2019 / 19:55

      Thanks Willi! The one in the living room is right under skylights, maybe that is sufficient for this sort of plant… I wouldn’t know, I am terrible at keeping mine alive!

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