Inspiring Summer-Ready Balconies From Scandinavian City Dwellers

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I’ve received a lot of enthusiastic messages after sharing my ultimate wish list for a Nordic-inspired outdoor living space, and I wanted to make sure those of you living in a city apartment got a fair share of summer inspiration, too.

So I scouted real estate websites to bring you a BIG roundup of beautiful balcony situations from real Scandinavian homes.

Hopefully, you’ll be motivated to prettify your private outdoor space, however spacious or tiny it is, by adding a small table, cushions, chairs, stools or built-in seating, a few potted plants for a lush look and feel, a rug… Whatever you need to tap into your balcony’s design potential and to make the most of your little urban oasis!

For more outdoor inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest board “Dreamy Backyards“.

First photo: Alvhem


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