An Amazing Modern Residence by Studio David Thulstrup

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What a breathtaking house!

This stunning Copenhagen home was designed by Studio David Thulstrup for renowned photographer Peter Krasilnikoff. He wanted a house with an integrated oasis and, thus, the idea for a central mirror-clad atrium was born. Visible from each of the three storeys, it provides a fresh, green space to the urban dwelling, while allowing plenty of natural light to flood the three-storey residence.

The lush greenery is also a beautiful contrast with the industrial inspired interior. Intriguing and definitely unique, the 500 m² home is filled with materials  like concrete, blackened steel, bricks, glass, terrazzo, timber from Dinesen and Kvadrat textiles – And yet, it still feels inviting and surprisingly homey.

This place is an amazing piece of art, don’t you agree?


An amazing modern house with an atrium_10

An amazing modern house with an atrium_9



An amazing modern house with an atrium_5

An amazing modern house with an atrium_12

An amazing modern house with an atrium_7

An amazing modern house with an atrium_3

An amazing modern house with an atrium_6






An amazing modern house with an atrium_2


Photos: Peter Krasilnikoff via Studio David Thulstrup




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