Vipp Opens New Hotel Room in Landmark Chimney House in Copenhagen

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Nearby the harbour of Northern Copenhagen you’ll find a 1902 water pumping station with a remarkable 35-meter tall chimney. The heritage building is officially reborn from ruins and became the third outpost of the Vipp Hotel, the ‘Vipp Chimney House’.

Vipp commissioned Danish architect David Thulstrup to convert the remnants into a 200 m2 guesthouse, joining the Vipp Shelter in Sweden and the Vipp Loft in Copenhagen as yet another Vipp-fitted destination in the company’s hotel line.

“The Vipp Hotel is our take on haute-couture in the design business. Each room is custom-fitted and is executed with an extreme attention to detail. But instead of being unattainable spaces, you can actually check-in.” – Kasper Egelund, CEO and third generation Vipp owner.

While retaining the charm of the architectural shell, the original, industrial space has been extended with a cutting-edge, modern overlay. Ceiling height amounts to 8.5m in the atrium with skylight view to the old chimney. Some of the architectural highlights of the Vipp Chimney House include: Arch doors in steel-framed glass, custom terrazzo flooring, a modern steel staircase and open access to a private terrace. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a large open plan kitchen, dining and living space occupy the 200 m2.



“For me it was a dream architectural project, from the strong gestures of the building to the finest interior detailing. I was encouraged to make it edgy, and with that I wanted to add the personality, comfort and aesthetics of a private residence. I wanted people to feel at home.” – David Thulstrup, architect and founder of Studio David Thulstrup.



As the third branch of the Vipp Hotel, Vipp Chimney House, is like its predecessors a carefully curated setting where guests can live with Vipp products including the brand’s new furniture collection in a home-away-from-home setting. From $2,275 for min. 2 nights, max 4 adults.

Instead of building with several suites, Vipp’s concept is to offers individual “rooms” at different locations.The Chimney House is part of their latest concept of unusual accommodations.


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