Väkst Restaurant in Copenhagen by Cofoco

By Catherine

There is a new restaurant in town! In Copenhagen, that is. Located at the superb Hotel SP34Väkst is a green oasis in the heart of the bustling city. It’s the latest project by Cofoco; they are also behind restaurants Höst and Italy.

Featuring its very own greenhouse at the center of the restaurant, Väkst‘s menu focuses on vegetables and the cuisine is deliberately Nordic. The grown level is flooded by natural light, thanks to the large windows. The style is fresh, bright and warm. The floor is reminiscent of a tablecloth, and strings of bulbs and sails hang from the ceiling. Plants also grow on the basement floor, which provides a more intimate, cocoon-like ambience.

The perfect mix of city and garden!

Väkst Restaurant
Sankt Peders Stræde 34
1453 København K
+45 3841 2727


Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-02 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-03 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-04 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-06 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-07 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-08 Vakst-Restaurant-in-Copenhagen-by-Cofoco-09


Photos: Cofoco



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