This Warm and Inviting Interior is a Master Class in Beige Tonal Look

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Those of you who enjoy both the very popular tonal look AND an earthy color palette will be pleased with this home tour!

You can find numerous shade of beiges layered together with a multitude of textures; one of the main things to do to prevent such look from being too monotone. This interior is harmonious, warm and inviting, with a soft atmosphere. Well done!

Something that crossed my mind while looking at these pics: I’ve had several interior consulting clients in the past that had hardwood floors in need of a refinish because, over time, the stain turned dark and yellowish. But the budget can be tight, and not everybody has the time for such tedious job. The styling below is a fantastic example of how to embrace the look and make the most of it (although I do not think the parquet shown here needs some TLC). I’m definitely going to keep this solution in mind for future projects!

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PhotosAnnie Hyrefeldt for Alvhem


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