Maannos: A Cool Restaurant and Bar in Helsinki by Laura Seppänen

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Helsinki’s latest hip spot is Maannos, a bar and restaurant located in the city’s Punavuori neighborhood. The place, designed by Laura Seppänen, is a definite stunner. I’m loving the beautiful neutral interior, with a pop of colors here and there. That velvet-upholstered sofa is a pleasant surprise, adding an unexpected, cheerful touch. The combination of the ochre yellow textile with the mirror coffee table, black accents, and opal glass, is totally fab – I’m taking notes!

Seppänen also chose pendants, bar stools and chairs from Danish design house Gubi, and tube lamps by Atelier Areti. Very, very cool.

I’ll definitely stop by next time I’m in Finland!

Telakkakatu 5
+358 05 056 875




Photos: Pauliina Salonen



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