The Nordic Way: A Few Things Worth Reading

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This is the fourth post of my series “The Nordic Way“, which highlights articles that give us insights into the Scandinavian lifestyle; no matter the topic, design-related or not. As I do want to further explore the values, context, beliefs, and challenges, that shape these societies I admire, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Here are a few things from my reading list that I found interesting. I hope you like it!


Articles I recommend:


– A brief and interesting history of the Scandinavian and Nordic flags (Scandinavian Standard)


– Sweden is going cashless. (CBS News)


– Genius: Danish beer company Carlsberg’s new ‘snap pack’ – a six-pack where the beers are glued together with an environmentally friendly adhesive- eliminates up to 76% of the plastic usred in traditional six-packs. (Medium)


– The cultural aspect that would explain why Danish women do not identify as ‘feminists’. (Refinery29)


– Meet the Arctic farmer on a mission to make his town of Longyearbyen, 800 miles from the North Pole, more sustainable. (BBC News)


– Scandic is the world’s first hotel chain to introduce allergy-friendly rooms. (Hotel News Resource)


–  Lego releases Braille bricks to teach blind and visually impaired children. (CNN)


– A few interesting facts about saunas in Finland. And yes, you really do have to strip it all. (


– Sweden is about to build the first electric road in the world by implementing a new wireless “e-road” technology that will power and recharge vehicles while driving. (Bloomberg)


– Refshaleoen: The trendiest neighborhood in Europe you’ve never heard of. (Chicago Tribune)


– 10 must-read Swedish books. (


– Back in the 1960s, Finland had the worst male heart-disease rate in the world. It is now the world’s fittest country, along with Uganda. (World Economic Forum)


– World’s largest underwater restaurant opens in Norway (DM)


– The oldest human DNA ever sequenced from Scandinavia was just found in an ancient chewing gum. (


– The Ikea Foundation’s first ever podcast series has gone live. Listen to climate change and sustainability expert, Steve Howard. (Apple)


– Norway’s economic forecast has remained largely optimistic for decades, but analysts fear its success may be about to come to an end due to GDP decline. (European CEO)


– The Battle of North: A new 10-stage race in Scandinavia described as “the Tour de France for women” is set to begin in 2021. (BBC)



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