The Nordic Way: A Few Things Worth Reading

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This is the second post of my new series “The Nordic Way“, which highlights articles that give us insights into the Scandinavian lifestyle; no matter the topic, design-related or not.

As I do want to further explore the values, context, beliefs, and challenges, that shape these societies I admire, I hope you’ll join me on this journey. So without further ado, here are a few things from my reading list that I found interesting. I hope you like it!


I recommend:


– Find out why the Finnish education systems is considered one of the best in the world and how it works. (World Economic Forum)


– Tying the knot in Copenhagen? Here are the city’s most beautiful spots for wedding photos. (The Local)


– Why business leaders should follow ‘Sisu’, Finland’s equivalent of the American dream. (Forbes)


– Iceland marks 30th anniversary of end of beer ban. (Lowell Sun)


– Tour the eerie abandoned mining town of Pyramiden in the Svalbard archipelago, now home to polar bears, by photographer Jan Erik Waider (The Spaces)


– The woman with the challenging task of developing never-before-seen preparations and presentations of Nordic seafood for Noma 2.0  talks about what it took to create the menu. (Eater)


– Ikea is launching air-purifying curtains coated with a mineral-based component that breaks down common polluants. (Dezeen)


– Copenhagen-based Kato x Victoria studio designed a cool school playground for 12- to 15-year-old students. (Wallpaper)


– How sustainability and transparency drive growth for an award-winning Swedish kids’ clothing brand. (Forbes)


– We all know the horrible pain that comes from stepping on a Lego. The Danish company just revealed its solution: Anti-Lego slippers. (The Mind Circle)


– ‘Hygge’ as a relationship-saver? Yes, according to Monica Isaac, a family and marriage counselor. (Daily Northwestern)


– A green dragon and a phoenix appeared over Iceland, in stunning Northern lights that captured the imagination. (EarthSky)


– Important Viking sites continue to be discovered to this day, and here’s an overview of Scandinavia’s best spots for retracing Ragnar and his crew. (Forbes)


– ‘Skjerp deg’, ‘marka’ and 8 other untranslatable Norwegian terms (Matador Network)


– All about gender equality in Iceland and what we can learn from this progressive country (Guide to Iceland)




Here you can read the first post of my “Nordic Way” series, shared last month.


Photo: @mortenordstrom


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