The Audo: Menu’s New Elegant Showroom + An Intimate Boutique Hotel

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Danish design house Menu’s grand vision for its new headquarters came to fruition recently, with the opening of The Audo.

More than an office for the team, The Audo is an hybrid place where visitors can fully experience the brand’s DNA. It serves as a showroom, a co-working space, a café, a restaurant, a bar, a shop, a materials library, and an intimate boutique hotel with 10 rooms in the converted attic.

The name, Audo, stands for the Latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes, meaning ‘From one, learn all’; a nod to the versatile and multifunctional space.

The 40-year-old company enlisted Norm Architects and Nathan Williams, Kinfolk’s co-founder and creative director, to create the interior. The result is a minimal, warm and serene look, thanks to a rich and earthy color palette. Menu’s furniture, home accessories and lighting were used throughout The Audo, along with pieces from other premium brands. You can also find exclusive paintings by Benjamin Ewing and sculptures by Nicholas Shurey throughout the place.

Because the Audo is meant to express the brand, you can expect the interior to change as the assortment evolves over time. Moreover, rotating shows will that place in the concept store, just like a gallery space.


Offset sofa* | Marble Plinth low tables* | Tearoom club chairs | Echasse vase* | Coloumn table lamp | Peek floor lamp*


JWDA Floor Lamp (to be launched soon) | Co chair | Book rest
For similar sculptural vases and bowls, have a look at this website. The painting is by Benjamin Ewin.


“We wanted Menu to take a new approach to running a design business through openness, knowledge-sharing and collaboration,” explained Joachim Hansen, director of Menu. “By showing our collection in different contexts within hospitality we will make the collection become more alive.” – Source


Tearoom club chairs with a custom fabric upholstery | Dinnerware | Tribeca wall lamp


Harbour chair*  | JWDA table lamp | Plinth side tables* | Bank pendant lamp | Pouf*


The suites features original wooden beams and the walls are painted with St. Leo products (note: I’ve mentioned them in a previous post, read more here). The beds are by Dux, and  the gorgeous wooden floors are by Danish company Dinesen.


Offset sofa* | Plinth tables* | BowlsColoumn table lamp | The painting is by Benjamin Ewin


Tearoom club chairs | Echasse vase* | Troll vase*


Tailor sofa* | Androgyne side table* | Plinth tables* | Tearoom club chairs with a custom fabric upholstery | Cyclades vase*


Tearoom club chairs with a custom fabric upholstery | Harbour table | For similar sculptural vases and bowls, have a look at this website | Circular pendant lamp


 Plinth tables* | Tearoom club chairs with a custom fabric upholstery | Echasse vase*


 Plinth tables* | Androgyne side table* | Tearoom club chairs with a custom fabric upholstery | Stem vase* | Tearoom sofa



The Audo is located in the neighbourhood of Nordhavn, Copenhagen, in a 1918 building that once served as a trading post for fishing.


The Audo
Århusgade 130
2150 Copenhagen



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Photos: Kim Petersen

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