Step Inside a Pared-Down, Minimal and Elegant Apartment in Stockholm

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Just taking a tour of this sophisticated apartment in Stockholm left me longing for a cleaning spree – I am so attracted to clutter-free spaces, I find them calming for the soul. While it is slightly too minimalistic for me, I do hope my house will have a perfectly pared-down, superfluous-free look someday… I’m working on it!

The restrained palette of grey, brown and beige offers a fabulous neutral base for the interior – It’s clean, elegant and inspires a sense of calm, without being bland, thanks to the high-quality materials – marble in the kitchen and bathroom, chevron parquet floor, etc.

Notice the color of the kitchen cabinets; it is the same shade of grey as on the walls. I’m seeing this trend more and more in luxurious Scandinavian homes. What’s your take – Should a kitchen stand out or blend in?



If you like this place, have a look at this other apartment in a very similar style – Same floors, same materials in the kitchen, same paint job… I think it is from the same apartment complex. While the latter has a fancier style, this one is slightly more casual. It’s nice to compare both – Any preference?


Styling: Lotta Agaton Interiors

Photos: McCann Sthlm


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