A Nordic-Inspired Retreat Reborn From Ruins in the Scottish Highlands

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I am kicking off this week’s inspiring interiors with a traditional Scottish cottage converted into a modern, Nordic-inspired retreat.

Groves-Raines Architects built on the ruin of a 2000-year-old building to create the Kyle House (available for rent). The building’s simple structure was preserved, and the exterior was renovated with traditional and local materials like stone and lime plaster. The interior, dressed to reflect nature, features mainly stone, timber, metal, and glass – It is simple and understated, yet refined and an homage to craftsmanship.

“Contained within the stone and lime plaster outer shell, the interior is conceived as a series of finely detailed oak boxes, defining spaces within and around them,” explain the Danish owners. “Doors are discretely hidden in pockets, allowing the building to be experienced as a series of seamlessly connected spaces.”

Large windows also provide amazing panoramic views of the nearby littoral and picturesque surrounding landscape.

The place is carefully furnished with Scandinavian design classics as well as more contemporary pieces by Isle Crawford and the like.

I am loving the minimal and serene look. Oh, how I wish I could be there right now… What a stunning getaway!



Interior Design: Ruth Kramer

Photos: Martin Kaufmann



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  1. Arnaud
    29 Jan 2022 / 04:07

    Lovely pictures! Is it possible to know who did the furniture of the kitchen?

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