Inside a Creative and Personal Copenhagen Home Filled with Vintage Design

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Today I am showing you a gem of a home that makes my heart sing. It is owned by Anders Forup, a jewellery designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He shares this fabulous place with his wife and daughter.

Anders is an avid collector of vintage finds, and his home features an effortless blend of mid-century modern design. The style is eclectic yet cohesive, with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. You can easily imagine feeling at ease as a guest in this apartment.

There is also a joy that emanates from this unpretentious and approachable interior, wouldn’t you agree?

To me this is an authentic home, thoughtfully decorated by and for its residents. Furniture and accessories were handpicked with love, and not because of trends, making the look personal and timeless.

Enjoy the tour!



I recommend you head over to to read a nice little interview with Anders and to see more gorgeous shots of his home.

If you are into interiors filled with fab vintage finds, have a look at this place.


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  1. Willi
    15 Aug 2019 / 18:38

    Such a truly beautiful home! I’m only wondering what the seating arrangement is when the beautiful B&O TV is on: are the chairs pushed aside? Turned around for people to sit there and watch, too? Or are they only arranged this way for the photo op? My lounge chair is always aligned to the TV except for when friends come over or I want to take a photo, then I arrange it opposite the sofa similarly to the two chairs in the photo, that’s why I’m wondering.

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