The Alluring and Effortlessly Elegant Home of Hanna Wessman

, , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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This is the stunning home of Hanna Wessman, a Swedish TV host, a blogger, an interior designer, and an entrepreneur.

This multi-talented woman definitely has a knack for creating a refined, elegant look that is also relaxed and cozy. 

I love the restrained color palette, with an occasional pop of color. The warm shades of grey on the walls and carpeting create a cocoon-like atmosphere, and the black and white accessories provide the right amount of contrast.

Beautiful paintings and photographic art adorn the walls of the apartment, as well as large mirrors that reflect the light and make the space feel spacious.

Notice also the perfect blend of furnishings – Old and new, as well as designer pieces mixed with products from affordable retailers. I believe it’s key to make an interior look and feel timeless.

I’m in love with this place! Can I move in?

Styling: Hanna Wessman
Photos: Erik Lefvander 
Source: Residence

Note: This article was first featured in 2016, but it was significantly updated and republished. 



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1 Comment

  1. Angela
    13 May 2020 / 10:15

    Did you notice the diver (would be cross) on the wall? Of course you did. I love playful design such as that and it inspires me. Beautiful space

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