Danish Design House Ferm Living Presents Its Latest Collection + A Few Novelties That Caught My Eye

By Catherine

As the season slowly transforms the landscape into a sea of bright reds and yellows, we instinctively begin to cocoon in the comfort of our home.

With its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, Danish design house ferm Living invites us to huddle together with the people that we hold dear and seek out a sense of peace by looking inward, nurturing the unique feeling of belonging that only our home can give us. 

“As a testimony to the life we live, our home has a soul of its own. Built around meaningful and carefully chosen objects, it is within these four walls we treasure quiet moments of contemplation.”

The company recently revealed its latest seasonal treasures, and below are a few novelties that caught my eye.

Feve Desk

Made in solid FSCTM-certified European Walnut, the Feve Desk has an organic, delicate expression. As a reference to the distinctive shape, its name comes from the French word Fève, which means bean. The legs are carved into stretched elliptical sections that emphasize the desk’s elegant, feminine silhouette and balance the design. The Feve Desk requires little space and can be used both as a desk, an entrance console or a make-up table.

Mineral Sculptural Table

Whether you use it as a side table or as a decorative sculpture, the Mineral Sculptural Table makes an impactful impression in your home. Made in 100% Bianco curia marble, it is a real statement piece, and with edges that are broken by hand with a chisel, each table is unique. Characterized by its distinctive T-shape, rough edges, and contrasting polished surfaces, it has a raw, brutalist expression that will spark conversation.

Oyster Wall Lamp

Made in casted recycled aluminum, the Oyster Wall Lamp has a decorative, organic shape due to its soft, lively curves. Reminiscent of oyster shells gathered at the beach, the texture and finish of the lamp have a distinctive, rough expression owing to the casting process, and the interplay between their curved shape and raw surface creates a compelling contrast.

Designed with an LED light source, the Oyster Wall Lamp plays with light and shadow to highlight the uniqueness of the material as well as its organic shape.

Up Step Stool

With its playful expression and organic silhouette, the Up Step Stool is a decorative yet functional addition to any room. Crafted from powder-coated iron, the stool features two tubes that artfully curve into legs, accommodating dual steps that have been treated with a rough surface coating to help prevent slipping. Light and easy to handle, the Up Step Stool comes in handy when you are in need of a step stool, but can also be used as a side table for books, plants, and other decorative objects.

Tiny Floor Lamp

The Tiny Floor Lamp works as a functional and decorative light source. Due to its petite, tall, and slim look, it fits effortlessly in most corners, or behind your couch where you need some extra light to create a cozy atmosphere. Inspired by industrial Art Deco, it exudes simplicity in both expression and its metal construction. The useful tipping head makes it possible for you to tilt the shade to create a different look of the lamp, as well as to fit the atmosphere of the room. Playing on proportions, the tiny shade in combination with the tall, slim base gives the Tiny Floor Lamp its charismatic design trait and personality.

Verso Table Vase

Recalling classic shapes from traditional pottery, the Verso Table Vase has an irregular, feminine form with a pair of distinct, artfully curved handles that add a modern twist to the otherwise timeless expression. Fill the vase with your favorite flora or let it make a beautiful statement all on its own.

Tapestry Blanket

Creating a powerful statement, the Entire Tapestry Blanket made in 100% cotton fuses art with interior design. The Entire artwork by textile designer and artist Berit Mogensen Lopez is both elegantly poetic and graphically strong. Bringing balance to the distinctive artwork, the soft, characteristic color scheme connects with the modern abstract print, making it a wholesome visual experience. Giving it a distinctive edge, the Entire Tapestry Blanket is made using the classic tapestry technique has decorative fringes around the edges. Let the Entire Tapestry Blanket lie casually over the armrest of your sofa or hang it on the wall as an impactful decoration.

Ripple Low Glasses

The popular mouth-blown Ripple glasses series now includes a set of four low glasses with the same distinctive, beautifully rippled surface. The vertical lines add a strong and sophisticated look to their understated, classic form and are perfect for casual dining. Pair them with other pieces in the Ripple glass collection for a unified dining experience.

Scenery Pinboard

Organize your thoughts, inspiration, and ideas with the Scenery Pinboard. Featuring an elegant oak frame with beige, cotton linen fabric on a cork base, the pinboard has a raw and natural look that fits nicely in a modern home. Mount your Scenery Pinboard onto an empty wall, or let it lean up against it for a more casual look.

Post Floor lamp

Inspired by brutalism, the Post Floor Lamp plays with oversized proportions to present an understated yet impactful floor lamp that makes a statement wherever you choose to place it. The cylindrical lamp base features an oak wood veneer that lends it a warm, modern expression. Though the lamp has a discreet silhouette, the proportions and natural depth, and tactility of the wood ensure an impactful impression.

To view all new Ferm Living furniture, lighting, and home accessories, visit www.fermliving.com.

Photos: Ferm Living


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