50 Shades of Brown

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This interior took me by surprise this morning, as I was scrolling down my news feed.

Brown has been increasingly seen in Scandinavian homes in the last few years. It started with more subtle light beige accessories, then the color made its way to the kitchen. Dark wooden cabinets, as seen here, also gained in popularity. And now, surprise, surprise, we are seeing an all-brown look!

To be honest, I am on the fence with that one. It is something I’d probably never have (never say never?) in my own home, but I find this space interesting. It’s worth noticing the skillful combination of shades and tones, a creative work by Sweden-based design agency Grey Deco.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this kitchen and dining room. Dark and drab, or modern and comforting? Leave a comment below!



For more inspiring Scandinavian kitchens, have a look at the ND image gallery.


Styling: @greydecointeriors

Photos: @fredrikjkarlsson for Alvhem



  1. Collette Peek
    3 Sep 2019 / 08:09

    Definitely interesting, as you say, but for me it wouldn’t work in the long run. I love dark spaces for a short stay, but lighter ones make me feel better!

  2. Jord
    3 Sep 2019 / 23:48

    For me I would have to say, it is a miss. I was immediately thrown off by the colours. The colour of browns used were not appealing. I prefer the warmth of beiges and cream to brown and enjoy a lighter palette of whites all around. I see a fair bit of faults with the design of the kitchen. It is impractical being there is no working triangle, among other things. I have loved many if not all the other posts but for me this one is not a favourite.

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