Vipp Goes Natural With Its V2 Oak Kitchen

By Catherine

Vipp has taken a natural turn with the V2, a wooden version of its beloved industrial-inspired steel kitchen.

The Danish design company’s beloved modular system was wrapped in dark European oak veneer, and the stainless steel worktop was replaced by a dense, fine-grained Jura lime­stone rich in fossils. This new marriage of materials confers an organic tactility to Vipp’s functional kitchen.

Reeded glass doors allow for a semi-transparent look into what hides inside the cabinet. The integrated lighting, discreetly mounted under each shelf, is visible even with closed doors and provides a soft, warm glow.

The anodized aluminum doors with vertically extruded profiles equip the V2 with a sophisticated contrast to the smooth facades in veneer.

Rounded aluminum profiles with reeded details serve as discreet, integrated drawer and cabinet grips.

It is absolutely gorgeous!

For the last two pictures above, the V2 Kitchen was captured in a former pencil factory transformed by Vipp into a venue for its Supper Club. It is at the heart of the stunning, inspiring space, allowing guests to watch the talented chefs in action.

For a closer look at the gorgeous design and its details, take a look at the video below.

Photos: Vipp


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