An unusual summerhouse in an old barn in Gotland

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Today, I woke up and it was -32 degrees celsius outside… Crazy, cold weather. I just came back from a five-week design pilgrimage, but I’m already wishing I could pack up my bags again and head south. Until my wish is granted, I’m browsing the web and escaping in dreamy pictures of seashores, green grass, flowers… And I came across this fabulous summerhouse!

Don’t be fooled by the rustic and traditional exterior of this old barn in Gotland, Sweden – The interior was converted into a beautiful, unusual and modern space. It is filled with corrugated metal, polished concrete and untreated wood. It has a lovely muted color palette, and carefully edited furnishings. Notice the terracotta flowerpots, which are used as side tables – Fun idea! I also like the custom-built sofas from white washed wood, as well as the freestanding steel kitchen. Very nice!






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Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt01
Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt02 Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt03
Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt04 Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt05
Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt06 Summerhouse-shot-by-Jonas-Ingerstedt08

Photos: Jonas Ingerstedt


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