Unusual and Contemporary Villa Moelven in Sweden

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This seafront home on the outskirts of Stockholm is Villa Moelven, a stunning and unique project by the firm Widjedal Racki.

The house is clean and contemporary, with a complex composition, unusual geometry and internal flow. The place has several sets of staircases, many levels, and even secrete passages… “The architects worked closely with the client to establish a series of keywords – such as ‘labyrinth’, narrow’, ‘surprise’, ‘tropical’, ‘modern’ – that would help them incorporate different key concepts into a single architectural entity.” – Source

The villa is entirely constructed of wood by Moelven. It is a striking showcase of the Danish company’s timber craftwork.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

See the floor plan here.


Villa-Moelven-01 Villa-Moelven-02 Villa-Moelven-03 Villa-Moelven-07 Villa-Moelven-08 Villa-Moelven-09 Villa-Moelven-10 Villa-Moelven-11 Villa-Moelven-12 Villa-Moelven-13 Villa-Moelven-14Villa-Moelven-05Villa-Moelven-06Villa-Moelven-04

Photos: Widjedal Racki via Wallpaper


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