Tour a Cozy and Welcoming Family Home With a Great Personal Style

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The longer I look at this lovely apartment in Sweden, the more I love it. It reflects the personality of its residents, with a unique sense of style, and it feels authentic, liveable and welcoming. The décor is well-curated but unpretentious and eclectic, with a great mix of styles and eras. The numerous vintage pieces in the home give a nostalgic vibe to the place, but the look is updated and modern.

A home is something that is made and that tells a story, and here is a fantastic example.

Here is some advice to turn a house into a home:
  • Plants and flowers add a fresh touch to any room. Greenery instantly injects life into your home.
  • A curated art collection make visitors want to ask the story being each piece.  It is also great way to show your sense of style and personality.
  • Adding mirrors, especially antiques or one with an interesting shape, is one of the easiest tricks in the book to change the look of a space. Plus it will enhance your home’s natural lighting and make it feel brighter almost instantly.
  • Display your collection(s) – Books, figurines, pots, cups… If they bring you joy, show ’em!
  • Create a stylish and cozy nook with a comfortable chair, a reading light, a soft rug, throw… Something that invites you to relax.
  • Lighting is key when creating a good atmosphere in a home. So add a lot of different light sources, and not only functional, but decorative, too. No need to break the bank either: A simple, inexpensive IKEA lamp can quickly make a different for a softer, warmer ambience.
  • Embrace imperfections – Patina, creases, dents… All signs of a real, soulful home.

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Styling: Lindholm 
Photos: Fredric Boukari forHistorika Hem

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  1. cmxanthus
    18 Mar 2020 / 03:39

    Hello, I think this article is my favorite among so many other articles. This design is really great. I also want to decorate it like this. Thank you very much for bringing me inspiration!

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