The Vipp Story

, , By Catherine

“Vipp is founded in 1939 by Holger Nielsen. Born in 1915 in the small Danish town of Randers, Holger trains as a metal spinner.

Holger Nielsen makes the leap into business at the age of only 17 and almost by coincidence. It all begins one spring Sunday in May 1931 when he makes his usual visit to the local stadium to support his favorite football team. Fate has it that his ticket is drawn in a raffle, and he wins a car. Holger loves cars, but as he has no driver’s license, he decides to sell the car and invest the money in a metal turning lathe.

This marks the birth of Holger Nielsen’s metal factory where, a few years later, he produces the very product that will go on to bring him fame: the Vipp pedal bin.

(…) Today, Holger Nielsen would hardly be able to recognize his company today. But one important thing hasn’t changed: Vipp still manufactures its pedal bins in Denmark, just as it did back in 1939. The materials are also the same: stainless steel and rubber. Each Vipp bin consists of up to 42 components and is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen. One employee can assemble six bins per hour – insuring quality that lasts.”

To read more about the Vipp story, visit the company’s website.

Photo: Vipp


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