The Nordic Way: A Few Things Worth Reading

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This is the third post of my new series “The Nordic Way“, which highlights articles that give us insights into the Scandinavian lifestyle; no matter the topic, design-related or not.

As I do want to further explore the values, context, beliefs, and challenges, that shape these societies I admire, I hope you’ll join me on this journey. So without further ado, here are a few things from my reading list that I found interesting. I hope you like it!


I recommend:


– No more $200 flights to Iceland and Europe, after Icelandic low costs airline Wow Air collapses. (CNBC)


– Could Wow Air take-off a second time? (Iceland Monitor)


– Finland’s “Rent a Finn” campaign is a new initiative to help you find your happiness, and you can now apply. (Forbes)


– A touching and oh-so-relevant exhibition I had the chance to see recently: Swedish Dads. (Johan Bävman)


– Did you know Copenhagen succeeded to cut down its carbon emissions by 50% since 1995? Find out all about its plan to become the first carbon neutral capital by 2025 (


– Peek inside Sigur Rós’ singer luxury retail store in Reykjavik, which promises a multi-sensory experience. (Frame)


– At 320 meters high, the tallest tower in western Europe will be in the small town of Brande in Denmark. (Dezeen)


– This Scandinavian wants America to fall in love with liquorice. (Forbes)


– What is the Norway model and can it solve Brexit? (The Washington Post)


– Governments across Scandinavia are launching initiatives to encourage people to bike more, even in winter, to help reduce carbon emissions. (US News)


– Danish consumers are “world champions” of organic food (The Local)


– Electric cars are now the norm in Norway, making up nearly 60% of sales last month. (NPR)


– 10 fascinating things you didn’t know about aquavit, a centuries-old Nordic spirit (


– Considering studying in Scandinavia? This might convince you. (Top Universities)


– 77 interesting facts about Iceland (The Fact File)



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