The Beautiful Home of Ceramist Anne Black

, , , By Catherine

This is the harmonious home of Danish ceramist Anne Black. The place has stunning herringbone parquet floors, high ceilings and large windows. The interior gets filled with a beautiful natural light. The soft color palette is consistent throughout the house, which provides a serene atmosphere – A restful retreat. The décor was carefully chosen, it is very personal, warm and inviting.  Lovely!


Home-of-Anne-Black-01 Home-of-Anne-Black-02 Home-of-Anne-Black-03 Home-of-Anne-Black-04 Home-of-Anne-Black-05 Home-of-Anne-Black-06 Home-of-Anne-Black-07 Home-of-Anne-Black-08

Photo: Christoffer Regild via Bo Bedre Norway




  1. Michelle Cohen
    20 Jul 2017 / 22:46

    I wonder what those black kitchen cabinet fronts are, they are perfect. I wonder if they are a company’s Ikea front or custom…

    • 21 Jul 2017 / 09:16

      I don’t know about these exactly, but you can have a look at companies like Reform, Semihandmade and Superfront – They all make great fronts for IKEA cabinets!

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