A Serene Nordic Apartment with Earthy Tones and Natural Materials

, , , By Catherine

Oh, how I like this place!

This is the gorgeous model apartment for a real estate project by Blooc in Stockholm. It was styled by talented Alexandra Ogonowski, and I bet she was inspired by the beautiful simplicity of Japanese minimalism and style. The atmosphere is so serene and zen, don’t you agree? I’m loving the use of earthy tones throughout the place, as well as the touches of teal blue here and there.

Aparently, the project sold out in a record time – With such an inspiring interior, I’m not surprised!

Enjoy the tour below.


Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-07 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-06 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-05 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-04 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-03 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-02 Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-01Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-13Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-12Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-11Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-10Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-09Nordic-home-with-Japanese-influences-08

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson



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