Beautiful Styling for Northern Lighting

, , , By Catherine

I came across beautiful pictures from Northern Lighting, the Norwegian design studio specializing in light fixtures. The styling is by talented Per Olav Solvberg and Gitte Christensen, and it is very inspiring.

I’m loving the Oslo Wood lamp, with the brass tripod base, as well as the Unika smoky glass shades. Their latest product, the Granny candleholder, is pretty nice too. Have a look!


Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-01 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-02 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-03 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-04 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-05 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-06 Inspiring-Styling-by-Northern-Lighting-07

Photos: Chris Tonnesen



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