Take Inspiration From New Works’ Copenhagen Showroom

By Catherine

For the Copenhagen design festival 3daysofdesign, Danish homeware brand New Works opened the doors to a new exhibition designed in collaboration with Lotta Agaton Interiors.

Inspired by tailored menswear and classic interiors, the exhibition proposed a sartorial elegance celebrating craftsmanship and timeless pieces.

Textured textiles such as tweed, linen, chunky corduroy, wool, and bouclé, combined with a rich palette of brown hues and creamy shades, create a warm, sophisticated look.

I really like how bright yet enveloping the interior is – Soothing and harmonious, chic yet understated.

Alongside the existing collection, the exhibition displayed a number of new additions to the range, including the Bukowski Chair, the New Works Shelving System and Atlas Coffee Tables.

All items will launch during Fall 2022.

Curious to see what the 2021 showroom looked like? Click here!

Styling: Lotta Agaton Interiors
Photos: Brian Buchard for New Works



  1. Willi
    24 Jun 2022 / 17:15

    Wow! Just like AYTM, New Works is becoming one of my favorite brands more and more every year! I like many of their lamps, the new shelving system also looks good (though compared to other shelves inspired by the String shelf, it’s not my favorite), but the new Bukowski Chair is really particularly gorgeous! I think there was another chair before with narrower hind legs, was there not? Maybe this is also an inspired design, but it’s pretty nontheless

    • Willi
      24 Jun 2022 / 17:20

      Found it: The T-Chair by Ole Wanscher, made by Carl Hansen & Son. It looks even nicer, but they are different enough for the New Works to be more than a copy and a beautiful chair in its own right! The prices would be interesting. The T-Chair is a Carl Hansen & Son, so it’s priced out of this world, but New Works probably isn’t cheap either. I’m guessing the Bukowski Chair will cost €600-800?

  2. 28 Jun 2022 / 07:58

    Great blog. I love scandinavian style!

  3. Ekprawit
    16 Jul 2022 / 03:34

    may i ask you I want to know the color of the door with the color of the window frame Is it the same color? , If so, what color do you call it? and if not the same window frame color What color is it called? ,thank you

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