Small Home Inspiration in Monochrome

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What a lovely place!
Decorated with taste, this home is luminous, stylish, and with a calming atmosphere. The interior is composed and collected, thanks to its restrained color palette of white and greys. Wooden and natural coloured elements warm up the look.

Functional and space efficient, the apartment is divided on two floors and features several mart storage solutions. Notice the shelves in the living room that wraps around the door; the wall becomes a focal point displaying the residents’ beautiful home accessories, books and artwork.

Enjoy the tour below.


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Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-02 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-03 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-04 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-05
Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-06 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-07 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-08 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-09
Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-10 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-11 Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-13Small-Home-Inspiration-in-Monochrome-12


Photos: Fantastic Frank



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