Inspiring and Bright Scandinavian Flat in Gothenburg

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 Let’s start the week in style, shall we?

Here’s a beautiful Scandinavian flat in Gothenburg that will make you swoon! It is filled with natural light, and has a lot of charm. We love the bright neutral tones and rustic touch mixed with contemporary furnishings. Stunning!


Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-01 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-02 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-03 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-04 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-05 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-06 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-07 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-08 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-09 Inspiring-and-Bright-Scandinavian-Flat-10

Photos: Jonas Berg via Stadshem


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