Quoted: Nina Plummer on the Appeal of Slow Living

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“In a world with so many choices and equally as many distractions fighting for our time, an increasing number of people are discovering what seems like a simple solution: less. Not committing to everything, not following every passing trend, not feeling pressured to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Instead, a desire is emerging to use our time and energy more thoughtfully. Understanding what motivates us as individuals and utilizing all of the freedom we are lucky enough to enjoy in order to discover what a truly meaningful life looks like for us.

Slow living encourages us to step away from the excesses which can lead to what feels like a shallow, soulless existence and instead pave the way towards something a little more meaningful.

Slow living involves a commitment to use our time more attentively. It involves a mindful consideration of those values and desires that lead to an increased sense of well-being and those that, however alluring they seem in the short term, ultimately do not.

Slow living is about intentionally negotiating our time in order to ensure we get the most out of every activity we engage in. This often means letting go of the pressure we feel to keep up and instead building a stronger conviction in the value of our own choices. Making time for something means investing in that activity with significance and meaning. Living more slowly in this sense is about living more deliberately; considering the meaning, pleasure and purpose of everything we choose to give our time and attention to. Intentionally allocating our time ensures that more of it will be devoted to those things we truly value.”


– Nina Plummer, founder of Ingredients LDN, in “The Appeal of Slow Living in Today’s Fast-Paced World



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