Peek Inside a Lovely Tiny Apartment + 6 Reasons Why it Works

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Check out this beautiful and inviting Swedish apartment. Measuring only 32 square meters / 345 square feet, this home offers great small room décor inspiration.

Here are a six reasons why this tiny home is big on style:

  • It’s not overcrowded with stuff. Clutter is the enemy number one of any well-designed and serene homes, especially those of smaller size.
  • It is kept bright, with walls and key furniture in white. But beware: A cold white can make the room feel unfinished.
  • The color palette is cohesive. It is soothing to the eye, and looks considered and elevated.
  • It is cozy, with lots of textures – One of the simplest tricks in the book to add dimension and interest to a room.
  • The window is uncovered, giving more depth and an airy feel.
  • A few large artwork will make a room feel more expansive and elevated, and not look like a dorm room.


Simple, but effective!



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Styling: Grey Deco

Photos: Janne Olander for Stadshem



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