A Celebration of Craftsmanship: Prince Renart Launches the Bokken Collection by Thierry Forbois

By Catherine

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a special project close to my heart:  A curated guide with a selection of my favorite addresses for design shopping in Canada (sign up here to be notified when it launches).

The country has a bustling design scene, and I find myself increasingly compelled to explore the creators leading the charge, and to share “my north” with you.

A company that particularly caught my attention is Prince Renart, a fairly new name in the industry but not without proven expertise and talent.

It is committed to “slow design” meaning that research, reflection, craftsmanship and material sensitivity, and integrity take center stage in its design process to create products that elevate the everyday. And if you’ve been reading Nordic Design for some time, you know that this truly resonates with me!

The Montreal-based company recently launched Bokken, a sustainable furniture collection created and designed by Thierry Forbois. With their modern lines, functionality, and simplicity, the products reference Nordic discernment and Japanese elegance. Nothing is superfluous and every detail, curve, and proportion is carefully thought out.

When asked about his inspiration, Forbois explains:

“For some time I had been playing with the idea of a furniture collection inspired by a Bokken. I am quite fascinated by the paradoxical nature of Japanese wooden sword: its lightness and refined lines are in stark contrast with its remarkable sturdiness. These qualities make a Bokken at once simple and perfect, and they are aligned with the driving purpose of my aesthetic research: to express more with less, and to distill any form to its essence by removing the superfluous, because when there is nothing left to remove, what remains is perfection.” – Thierry Forbois

The collection consists of 13 pieces with remarkable assembly details and whose refined aesthetic respects the raw beauty of the material. Everything is made of solid white oak, sourced locally, and the pieces are manufactured by passionate artisans with unique savoir-faire.

All woods of the Bokken collection are finished by hand with 100% natural Danish oil and enhanced with a vegan organic butter.

The Bokken collection includes tables, chairs, a daybed, a loveseat, and a bench, among others.

Find out more about Prince Renart and its signature furniture by visiting www.en.prince-renart.com.

Photos: Loïc Fontaine-Boivin, courtesy of Prince Renart


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