Peek Inside An Effortlessly Stylish Little Stockholm Home

By Catherine

If you like moody, tone-on-tone interiors and effortlessly stylish homes, this one is for you!

This compact apartment in Stockholm is a great example of what the Swedish concept of lagom is all about – Not too much, not too little; just enough.

The small home of 441 square feet (41 square meters) has high ceilings, large windows, and light wooden floors that all contribute to making the space feel bigger than it is.

The restrained color palette mostly consists of rich shades of warm grey that provide a soothing atmosphere. Black elements ground the look while adding contrast and visual interest.

A compelling variety of textures, shapes, and materials prevent such a monochromatic scheme from falling flat.

The simple, pared-back artworks complement the look beautifully.

What a lovely little place, don’t you agree?

In the master bedroom, adjacent to the main living area, french doors open up to a spacious balcony with views over a lush courtyard. It is a lovely, quiet oasis to retreat to after a day in the city.

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Photos:  Sjöström
for Historika Hem


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  1. Karen
    18 Sep 2021 / 20:05

    Love this apartment- I could move right in.
    Particularly like the detailing of the way the timber floor is framed around the edges in each room and in the doorways.

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